Not many km. far from Bari, in Molfetta’s countryside, the earth becomes alive thanks to its olive trees, and its fruits become “gocce di sole”.

The joy of walking together, of loving the same land we share, has given strength to our cooperation and quality to our oil.

The history of “Goccia di Sole” is our own, bonded to our land, to the lives of those farmers who have always loved their job and have gradually discovered the tricks of the trade, today gathered together in the Cooperative Oil Industry in order to spread these products.

Knowing our oil is like knowing each one of us: it’s like discovering the land we till, living those emotions that are within us, those same ones that are pointed out in the Goccia di Sole tradition, the oil from our best land.


History of the Oil-mill

The Cooperative oil-mill “Molfetta” s.r.l. was founded in 1963 inMolfettaby 12 olive growers assisted by the “Ente di Riferimento Fondiaria” in its early stages. These flattering technical economic results have made sure that a series of interventions of amplification and of modernization would become one of the most important landmarks in the oil field in the northern barese area.

At present time, as a matter of fact, the social structure courts almost 600 present members of small and medium average size oil industries. The annual bestowals bear witness to an average quantity of 40,000 quintals of olives with “punte” in the more propitious years, about 60,000 quintals, from which 10,000 quintals of extra virgin olive oil of an acidic level not over 0,3-0,4% is extracted.

Up to a couple of years ago, the product was mostly loose, and sold wholesale on the market commercialized by firms from central/northern Italy, through intermediaries.

A small quote of the product (about 300 quintals) was, on the other hand, sold retail on the local market, mostly represented by families living in that area, that supplied loose products with iron bins of 30-50lt. for themselves, for an overall quantity of about 100lt, which represented the annual stock mostly carried out in November and December.

Such a habit was part of local customs and traditions and it is still strongly felt amongst a range of consumers generally over 50, which, because of an atavistic suggestion, associates familiar supplies to an economic and a hopeful well-being for the whole year.

Recently, to guarantee more convenient transportation facilities and the conservation of oil in modern homes, often lacking space, a change of tendency takes place, which is mostly coming from younger consumers, who prefer buying the product in 5-10lt. cans during different periods of the year rather than a single solution.

For the reasons above mentioned and to meet the different needs of our consumers, we have decided to directly and commercially distribute the extra virgin olive oil, both packed and in cans or bottles (natural or filtered) on the market, but all under our brand name “Goccia di Sole” both of the conventional type and of the “Den. Di Or. Protetta” (D.O.P.) “TERRA DI BARI” geographical area of Bitonto.